What are the disadvantages of wearing small/tighter bra?

Bras that bite into the skin are a sign of wrong sizing. This can cause itching, rashes, boob sweat, and other annoyance if not given attention to. You can identify your bra as too small when any of the following is witnessed.

Less coverage

When you don’t feel comfortable enough because of the lack of proper coverage from the bra cups, that’s when you know the cups are too small to fit your busts.

Side and front spillage

A little spillage under the arms is quite normal. But, if the spill is very evident that it interrupts your daily activities, then it’s high time you take a look at the sizing.

Strangling band

Sometimes, in spite of sticking to the right cup size, there are chances that your band might betray you.

Digging Straps

When your shoulder straps are too tight and don’t have further room for adjusting through the metal sliders, it’s a warning sign that your bra is too small.

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