How bra types are classified?

Over the years, different types of bras flooded the lingerie market which differs in terms of style, comfort and it purpose. Below are popular ones,

Cup Coverage:

All bras can be broadly classified based on the cup coverage as Full Cup Bras, Demi Cup Bras (also known as Shelf Bra or Half Bra) and 3/4 Cup Bras.

Padding & Moulding:

Lightly Padded Bras come with thin pads made of gel or water or foam placed inside the cups. It avoids the nipple show through to a certain extent and slightly enhances the breast posture. Padded Bras are similar to lightly padded bras but have thick pads making it more effective in stopping nipple show through. Push-up bras are made out of this concept where three different levels of pads that may have underwire surrounding the cups designed to lift the breasts look fuller and cleavage enhanced. Some padded bras come with removable pads enabling to switch as a Non Padded Bra.

Molded Bras, on the other hand, doesn’t contain any pads but the cups (mostly made of synthetic) are heated to shape giving a thick lining like a padded bra. The core idea is to avoid any visible lumps, bumps, or textures on the bra and the shape of the bra will remain intact even if it’s unworn. T-shirt bras can be called as molded bra which is designed to worn inside t-shirts or tees.


Underwired Bras are also called as wired bra where a thin, semi-circular wire is attached to the sides and bottom of the bra cups. This forces the busts to fit inside the wire separately giving a stunning look. Especially the women with round breasts will find it very helpful in shaping the breasts.


Bras, in general, will have thin straps that hang around the shoulders to hold the bra intact. Caged Bras, in particular, may contain multiple straps around the shoulders. In some Detachable Strap Bras, the straps are removable making it strapless. Strapless Bras are also available in the market which doesn’t contain any shoulder straps but comes with silicon or rubber lining to provide adequate support and prevent any slippage. Tube Bras and stick-on bras are strapless bras where tube bras have stretchy fabric that wraps around the breasts to the back. Stick-on Bras / Adhesive Bras, on the other hand, are strapless bras that literally sticks on the breasts.

Women who aren’t comfortable wearing a strapless bra would prefer Transparent Bras as an alternative. These bras come with transparent straps around the shoulder and back which tends to be almost invisible while wearing backless/shoulderless outfits.


Normally, the rear side of the bras will have hooks / buttons to unclasp the bra. At times, it may be difficult to reach the back to unclasp the bra. That’s where Front Open Bras come to the rescue where the unclasping option on the front side.

Bralette, also termed as Starter Bra, First Bra or Training Bra are intended for girls who have just begun developing breasts. These bras will not contain any molds, padding or underwire and provide a reasonable support.

Cami Bra is also popular among women for providing the comfort of a camisole and support of a bra.

Occasion / Purpose:

While Everyday Bras are available in the market which offers good comfort and supports all days irrespective of the day to day routine, there are bras available for special occasion and purpose. For instance, Bridal Bras are specifically designed to mold and shape women’s upper body to fit into the wedding apparel. It also intends to improve posture and comfort.

Another popular bra in the market is the Nursing / Feeding Bra.

As its name suggests, these bras are designed for women who are lactating. It contains cups that can be folded down easing them to breastfeed.


Sports Bras are made of sturdy material and designed to provide breasts incredible support during more or intense physical activity. These bras hold the breasts tight reducing the breast movements during physical exercise and thereby helps avoid any ligament injury or discomfort. Sports bras also come with a racerback style which avoids the straps from slipping during intense activity.

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