Which Bra is best for Netted Blouse?

Backless Bra

Tailored with detachable straps and a transparent back band, a Backless Bra is the first option that comes to mind while discussing netted blouse patterns. Its cups are so functional that the bra snugs even without the presence of shoulder straps.

Adhesive/ Stick-on Bra

Stick-on Bras have skin-friendly adhesive content in their side wings that let them stay in place without the fear of slipping off. With literally no straps and back band, this bra relies only on its cups and wings for support.

How to use?

  1. Make sure your skin is clean and dry from moisturizers or sweat

  2. Remove the plastic film that comes along with the bra and restore it over the adhesive after use.

  3. Make a final check after wearing your outfit if you are comfortable enough to head out.

Silicon Cups

The most innovative intimate for netted blouses, silicon bras will retain the natural shape of your breasts along with being strapless and backless. The cups are ultra-smooth for a flawless finish.

Nipple Covers

The most feasible bra accessory for the ease of wearing bolder blouse patterns that don’t have room for a conventional bra. Nipple Covers come in a variety of shapes for convenience.

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